Saturday, March 22, 2008

Coluring Life

I have given my blog name as "Colouring Life". People talk about life and always try to compare with living or non-living things. I'm one among them :) and I'm proud for that. I thank everyone for coming in my life, my thoughts and in my dreams.

I have read and try to understand from the world richest person to till an lower middle class person. I have interacted and tried my best to undertand for a person who beg to survie for that day. I have seen the rich and both the poor, i have been to many such placess from India to U.S.
I have seen and understood nothing but everyone loves there life. Everyone enjoys the gossips
of just good words but not many pepople accept the facts or Truth that Life is just an Game. A game of RACE. What it is exactly? We love riches, we love to live our life lavishly which i can say our destiny and we are in a RACE Track and some goes there and many goes in a circle reaching no where but ending in the same point where started.

It's hard to put my feelings towards my life in words, but there is something which i want always
to convey for myself and to bring my life in front of me, so that i can make it understand. How i wanted to lead my Life? I want to give confidence that? Yes! i'm there with him, and am not going to divert my mind/focus from my GOAL.

Hey! Now i feel that am talking to myself and only to me nobody is there to distrub me and
myself the true me is in front of me and am going to teach him what i really want from him. And am going to make him clear that, not to stop even i if i say STOP untill and he reaches his destiny. An ultimate GOAL.

I'm feeling great today and I'm feeling fear less. I don't have any worries or regrets.
I don't need the kick of tobacco or liquor or anything apart from a sufficent food to live healthy
and keeps me working towards achiving my desires.

Again one more question? how long do i feel like this? i say till u achive ur GOAL.

All i belive and know is? If you want to achive your GOAL, u have to leave all your worries and
fear and just give everything to it.

lots more but not a liquor or a tobacco just a matter of time away from everything but the strong and one and only thought that YOU CAN DO IT..

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[xploremachinez]lakshman kumar k said...

i dont know who are you. but i too got the same thought "colouring life" title . so just surfed around for a while and there you are. and yeah what u thought abt life, its true.